WaveGod Tape

by $moke

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released June 3, 2017



all rights reserved


$MOKE Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: contrast (Prod By. Sage nebulous)
Bad bitch she gon slob
I don't think I just do
All these 100s on me blue
seen ya bitch she a 2
drive the whip it's a cupe
balling now cuz im new
with my crew and they shoot
with ya bitch and she chew
no old im new
smoke a gram in the booth
pop a xan cuz it's cool
with ya bitch she pooped 2
foreign whip life the roof
bad bitch gotta screw
dont think just do
assfat lemme see
twerk it all on me
let daddy see
shake that ass on me
all gold on my teeth
with ya bitch and she eat
with ya bitch no sleep
beat it up with my meat
all these daimonds in my teeth wake up repeat
Track Name: Puffing Interlude (Prod By. Plus Beats)
Mind so high in the clouds got me
smoking on that loud
got me puffing on them clouds
real nigga dirty south
wavy nigga clout
numba one cant quit now
all these rhymes i spit wow
might just take yo bitch
take her on a trip
to this place called dick
she a nasty lil bitch
the way she suck my dick
cant replace that bitch
lame niggas on my dick
ride my wave you a bitch
you get hit with a stick
mind so high in the clouds
got me smoking on that loud
cant even think now
cant even blink now
imma sink right now
I want face now
yo bitch cant right now y
yo bitch late right now
I can't call right now
mind so high in the clouds
got me smoking on that loud
good kush by the pound
talking shit bring my houds
load the rifle it shoot rounds
lame niggas copyin sounds
real nigga get them pounds
Track Name: wave (Prod By. Taylor King)
Imma let the choppa squeeze
Imma do a dirty dead
gotcho hoe on her knees
frozen wrist be on bleed
In the trap making heat
diamonds glare what a scene
It aint fair but do yo thing young nigga I can sing
I'll always be a thing
Nigga you ain't on my team
Im on fire where my ring
lame nigga you aint me
generic flow everything
Im unique
get like me hard to copy
hard to see
hard to be
you aint me

got my own plans
im my own man
bitch im grown man
had my nigga geeking off the fucking xans man
all these bands in my hand
just made her dance man
Just fucked this super thick bitch
she had ass man
breast double d's but im a ass man
run it up run it up
get that check man
count it up count it up
get them stacks man